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#365daysofbiking A different stripe


July 16th – Oh dear. Catshill Junction’s cosy spot by the narrows, previously occupied by the black and white sleepyhead was this evening occupied by a new tenant, a rather splendid tabby sporting a rather fetching collar.

A fair sized puss in good condition, someone loves that cat without doubt.

I wonder if they have a timeshare arrangement?

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#365daysofbiking Sleepyhead

July 8th – Yay! The season of finding sleeping cats in quiet spots is upon us.

A summer tradition sadly curtailed due to the poor summer this year, with the increase in temperature, I’m finally meeting more wayside sleepyheads and neighbourhood flaneurs out enjoying the weather.

I spotted this tidy little cat on the opposite side of the canal at Catshill Junction, curled up in the grass by the narrows. A dapper, glossy coated puss with a cute black heart on its nose, it barely woke when I said hello.

Welcome back, cats. Good to see you guys.

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#365daysofbiking Clear sight

June 20th – Again heading over Catshill Junction on the way to the High Street, I checked out something I’d spotted the day before: Some kind and community-minded soul has taken it upon themselves to clear the far side of the canal near the narrows on the way to Anchor bridge. I suspect the same for have also cleared the scrub away from the sculpture ‘Cycle of Life’ on the canal junction too, as the job is far tidier than the the one usually done by the Canal and River Trust, who seem to just leave the debris where it lands.

Whoever did this, thank you. It’s nice to see the brickwork at the narrows (formerly a toll point) as it’s a fascinating style.

I’ve always found it sad that when the new flats were built here to replace Bayley House, the various parties couldn’t get it together to sort out the scrub which must seriously shade the dwellings and impede their view.

Again, thank you.

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November 10th – Passing the narrows on the canal between the M6 flyover and the Bentley Mill Way aqueduct on the Walsall-Darlaston border, I note someone is preparing to drain a stretch of canal – presumably for the works near the aforementioned aqueduct.

Theses just-delivered, fresh cut planks – stout, and carefully profiled – will be dropped into the slots in the narrows, sealed with plastic sheeting and a similar dam built on the other side of the worksite. The dammed section is then drained.

It’ll be interesting to see what work is done.