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#365daysofbiking Sleepyhead

July 8th – Yay! The season of finding sleeping cats in quiet spots is upon us.

A summer tradition sadly curtailed due to the poor summer this year, with the increase in temperature, I’m finally meeting more wayside sleepyheads and neighbourhood flaneurs out enjoying the weather.

I spotted this tidy little cat on the opposite side of the canal at Catshill Junction, curled up in the grass by the narrows. A dapper, glossy coated puss with a cute black heart on its nose, it barely woke when I said hello.

Welcome back, cats. Good to see you guys.

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#365daysofbiking Chilled out

May 18th – On a quiet afternoon following the busy and better than expected Brownhills canal festival (pictures on my main blog here) I slipped out for a circuit of Brownhills after some mechanical fine tuning.

It was grey, but warm and pleasant with little wind. My favourite tree at Home Farm, Sandhills visible as a landmark across the fields from Catshill is in blossom. Such a joy to see. Bet there will be a good crop of conkers this year.

Further up, the mystery family of swans that appear to have nested beyond public sight near Freeth Bridge, Newtown were resting in a canalside garden – family of 8 clearly doing well. Lovely.

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August 17th – Too many cats I hear you cry – sorry, but I adore them. And with the warm weather, they are everywhere; dozing, loafing, strolling, patrolling, stalking or just watching.

When the warm spell is over, they’ll be mostly gone.

Returning home from work this evening, I passed this relaxed guy in Pleck. He was in the same place this time yesterday.

It’s clearly a hard life, but he’s bearing up, best he can.