September 25th – I spotted this handsome cat loafing in a field of stubble at Hademore,near Whittington. He was some way away, and the camera brought him nearer. His antics were fascinating; one moment he was hunting, on point, then having a scratch, then dozing.

I watched him for ages – a lovely cat clearly enjoying his territory. `I think he was every bit a star and someone must love this puss very much.

March 6th – Feeling better, I headed for the Chase for the first time in ages. It was very cold, and when I set out, the wind was against me as I rode to Chasewater.

On the way, I passed the escapee Mrs. Muscovy, the Newtown One, still defying all attempts to return her to the flock.

March 28th – I stopped at the lights at the Spring Cottage junction in Shelfield this morning, and noticed some poor sod dressed as an animal, dancing whilst wearing an advertising board for a local pet store.

There were more of these characters at other junctions into Walsall, and they were still there, dancing in the rain at 6:30pm when I returned. 

How I felt for them – how desperate do you have to be to do that for money? They ones on my return were soaked to the skin, advertising a pet shop that had shut for the day. 

Welcome to modern Britain. It filled me with sadness at the thought of it. I doubt I’ll shop there again.