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#365daysofbiking Repurposed

January 11th – On a grim, overcast day little caught my attention but popping out of work mid day I did stop to look at a pub I thought was lost, but has found a new life – and has actually been refurbished quite well and sensitively.

The former Scott Arms in Kings Hill had been derelict for many years, having closed following the decline of nearby large factories. I had thought it would be lost forever, such was it’s decay.

However, it was bought, and permission granted for a takeaway, and over the preceding months the building has been modified and renovated.

I’m not sure if it’s actually ready to open yet, but it looks close. My best wishes to the new owners.

It’ll be handy for a spring roll when I’m working late…

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#365daysofbiking Great Scott:

September 11th – The former Scott Arms pub in Kings Hill, on the Darlaston-Wednesbury border has been derelict for many years now, but at the beginning of the year, I spotted signs of life here. I assumed it was to be converted into a house of multiple occupation – a building divided into tiny bedsits for the really down on their luck – but no, it’s actually being renovated and is becoming a Chinese restaurant.

It’ll be handy for when I’m stuck working late I guess….

Good to see this building saved from the usual derelict fate of these place. I wish the new business well.

January 9th – In Kings Hill, after many years of dereliction, I note someone has been working on the former Scott Arms pub. Like it’s namesake in Kingstanding, the once popular house had fallen out of favour and closed some time ago, becoming nothing more than a blot on a changing urban landscape.

This pub used to be rammed lunchtimes when there were big factories nearby – Servis and Exidoor to name but two; but in these days of workplace alcohol bans and with the workshops now housing, there was no business to keep this pub going.

I’d wager it’s future is probably flats, or as a house of multiple occupation, looking at the way the upstairs windows have been fitted. Whatever it is, I doubt the Scott Arms will ever serve ale again.

September 9th – Embarrassment yet again as the former Scott Arms pub in Darlaston is hit by flyposters advertising an event coincidentally featuring the same funfair as last time the blight occurred.

This must be terribly embarrassing for Pat Collins Fairs, who can’t possibly condone such advertising.

Wonder what Walsall Council’s position on this kind of thing is?

January 24th – Sadly, there’s another derelict building in Kings Hill, Darlaston that I’ve as yet not recorded. The Scott Arms has been empty and boarded up for a long tome now, and like the other lost pubs in the locality, I doubt it will see life as an inn again. I don’t know what it was like as a pub, this isn’t my patch, but it’s clear to see that the decline of local industry and a change in social habits have sealed the fate of many a backstreet, blue collar boozer like this. A tragedy.