#365daysofbiking Stars of the fall:

October 17th – It was a beautiful crisp, clear evening as night fell, and I was pleased to see in the western skies the stars were out, just discernible beyond the trees.

I might not like this time of year that much, but the sunsets are well worth it.

December 23rd – Christmas starts here for me, really – as I finished work today. It’s been a long haul, this Autumn. After a good Indian summer, it all went horridly wrong and it seems to have blown and rained they rest of the way here.

I sped from work on very quiet streets, in a chill, but not cold night air. I had an errand to run to Lichfield, and on my way back, paused on the motorway bridge at Summerhill to try a long exposure like the one I failed at in Pelsall earlier in the week. This time, it worked.

This is a 30 second exposure; note orion clearly visible in the sky. I’m pleased with this, and it feels sort of Christmassy.

Merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful new year to all my readers and friends.

January 30th – These images don’t look much, but click on them and take a look at larger versions. Fifteen second exposures over the canal to the east at Clayhanger, one catches orion in the sky beautifully.

These were an experiment I didn’t expect much from. They worked better than I ever hoped.