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Saturday, October 3rd 2020 – What was I saying about bad days and beauty? As if to challenge me, a truly foul day when the rain and wind barely ceased.

I busied myself with work, domestic tasks and a little bike maintenance, shooting out after dark to get a takeaway in.

As I came back from Walsall Wood, I realised the roads were empty, and there was something eerily stark about the Coppice Road Junction.

Here’s hoping for a better Sunday!

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February 3rd – That moment when you reach out for the camera to grab a picture at the lights and they change. Nothing for it but to stash the camera back as it’s still turning off and haul away sharpish.

Normally judge it better than that, but the lights of Rushall were very beautiful tonight. A least I caught an instant in time.

March 22nd – Minutes later, in the same ethereal half light, waiting at the Arboretum junction for a green light. I spend a lot of time waiting here, as the induction loop isn’t great at picking up bicycles. 

Still, it gives me time to appreciate the victorian gatehouse clocktower at the Arboretum…

July 12th – Red light jumpers really annoy me, whatever type of roaduser they are. On the same morning commute, two classic examples, 15 minutes apart. The first turns left toward Lichfield at the Shire Oak Junction in a car. The second, a cyclist, drifts off the pavement and into lane at the Church Street junction in Lichfield, only to drift back again and cruise through the junction illegally. Both are idiots, and there’s no need for it.