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#365daysofbiking Contrasts

May 15th – Continuing the wildflower theme, there’s a riot of colour on the less-frequently mown verges ate the moment: Daisies, vetch, trefoil, buttercups, and on this one outside where I work, every tiny, absolutely tiny bright red poppies.

Look closely and there are colours from white to dark blue, yellow to red.

My favourite time of year. Everything is growing and clamouring for attention. I just wish they didn’t mow the grass so often!

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June 7th –  A lovely, chance find whilst riding through Victoria Park, Darlaston. Part of this urban oasis, right in the centre of Darlaston, has been left to wild and apparently spread with wildflower seeds. Just as I rode past it, I spotted a small purple flower that demanded closer study. I wasn’t disappointed.

A lovely orchid growing right there. What a glorious, pretty and wonderful thing!

So good to see after so many years of these important flowers being so rare…

August 21st – Had no idea this was a genuine issue at Middleton Lakes.

I guess that rules out of seeing otters in more urban environments then. Sad but fascinating, I had no idea there was a program to get these wonderful creatures at the new nature reserve.