#365daysofbiking Park up

February 27th – I’m sorry to bang on about this, but Kings Hill Park in Darlaston is getting more magnificent by the day.

Alive now with a veritable carpet of spring flowers, it’s a beautiful little spring oasis, and I love it so much.

On a side note, I spotted that the flat where I think the old cat Sam lived has been vacated, and was being refurbished. I spent a lot of last summer admiring that king of Kings Hill. In this sunny weather, I’ve not seen the puss about at all.

I hope I’m wrong and he’s made it to another Kings Hill Summer: If not, I hope he’s gone somewhere where there’s a sunny garden with comfy shady spots, passers by to talk to him and a world to watch go by.

I hope you haven’t left me old lad, but if you have, I’ll miss you so. Sweet dreams, puss. Sweet dreams.

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