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#365daysofbiking Thank you Gordon

April 2nd – One of the delights of Walsall Borough in springtime is the huge amount of daffodils on verges, in parks and other open spaces, like here on the corner of Four Crosses and Lichfield roads in Sheffield.

They are a credit to Gordon Kinnair at the council, sadly no longer with us, who was responsible for their planting.

This post is dedicated to both Gordon and his good friend Kate Goodall.

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#365daysofbiking A host:

March 19th – I notice this year, due to the early then slightly stalled spring, that the daffodils have been really slow-burning: The came out early, then paused for a while and are now coming out fully.

This is the time of year when verges in towns and industrial estates like here in Telford are absolutely stunning for a few all too short weeks.

These yellow wonders are gorgeous and the perfect antidote to a dark winter.

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#365daysofbiking It must be spring!

March 15th – Heading home from the station after a long afternoon legal meeting in Birmingham, in order to mitigate a rather evil wind, I took to the back lanes.

On my way, I passed this wonderful sight, which catches me by surprise every spring.

They must have been planted by some wonderful individual as they go in colour bands.

A beautiful thing.

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#365daysofbiking Park up

February 27th – I’m sorry to bang on about this, but Kings Hill Park in Darlaston is getting more magnificent by the day.

Alive now with a veritable carpet of spring flowers, it’s a beautiful little spring oasis, and I love it so much.

On a side note, I spotted that the flat where I think the old cat Sam lived has been vacated, and was being refurbished. I spent a lot of last summer admiring that king of Kings Hill. In this sunny weather, I’ve not seen the puss about at all.

I hope I’m wrong and he’s made it to another Kings Hill Summer: If not, I hope he’s gone somewhere where there’s a sunny garden with comfy shady spots, passers by to talk to him and a world to watch go by.

I hope you haven’t left me old lad, but if you have, I’ll miss you so. Sweet dreams, puss. Sweet dreams.

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#365daysofbiking Just around the corner


January 7th – But there’s always brightness, and just now, everywhere reminders that while still not here, spring is only just around the corner.

In a garden in kings Hill where in summer I see old Sam the cat, pots of flowers – fancy miniature daffodils and primroses of some sort I think.

Whatever they are, they cheered me right up. Thank you!

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April 16th – One thing that has been extraordinary this year is the show from the daffodils. They’ve been out for weeks and are still going strong, and in this morning’s sunshine made even the dull industrial estates of the Black Country beautiful.

April 9th – on a verge on the same estate, these cheerful souls need no introduction.

With a bold sun burning up the mist, their perfection was inspiring, beautiful and a lovely boost in my day.

Such a lovely thing to see.

April 6th – Dipping into Stonnall and the backlanes on an errand on the way home, spring is indeed in the lanes: The first bees are dozy, but about and feeding. Spring flowers are decorous here as well as Telford, and a pheasant pranced in a field, it’s gorgeous golden plumage sparking in the weak sun.

We’re getting there, slowly.

April 6th – A frenetic, hurried visit to Telford in the afternoon showed me something about spring I forget – the optimism and resilience of nature. At the worksite of the new footbridge project, daffodils I spoke of as being lost last year under diggers and demolition have not just survived, but sprout from every patch of undisturbed ground. Bobbing cheerfully from scraped embankments, mounds of silver and defiantly decorating piles of rebar, these yellow flag bearers for better times will not be put off.

Meanwhile, steelwork is going up apace now.

Some features of spring are not just beautiful, but life-affirming.

April 4th – A quick run across Kings Hill Park to B&Q reminded me that although the day was grey and damp, spring was getting on with the job anyway.

A hint of sunshine and this place will be an absolute riot of colour.

Gorgeous as it is, but some warm sun and happiness would really make this fabulous… I hope the weather gods are listening!