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#365daysofbiking Not to be outdone

Wednesday February 24th 2021 – Also in Kings Hill Park, right against the former chapel wall the next day, the usually early miniature daffodils are out in force.

I don’t know why these come so soon but they’re always hot on the heels of the crocuses, and outlive them, carrying the spring colour on through the park.

I love the almost competitive appearance of spring flowers.

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#365daysofbiking Resolute

February 20th – Despite yet another foul day, the flowers of Kings Hill Park in Darlaston have decided the time is ripe and are putting on a thoroughly gorgeous show.

Miniature diffs, crocuses and snowdrops mingle, with the full size days getting ready for act 2, followed later by the fantastic tulips in the planters.

With such resolve to being beautiful, one can really lift the sadness of another day of bad weather.

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#365daysofbiking Sun worship

February 21st – We are currently enjoying the most remarkable good weather for February, and in Kings Hill Park the spring flowers are coming on well, with the crocuses and snowdrops showing well, miniature daffodils just coming out and even the normal daffodils presenting the first early arrivals.

A sight like this on the way to work is just what you need. This good weather has been so good for me. Just in time.

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#365daysofbiking I predict a riot

February 13th – Kings Hill Park continues to captivate.

The spring flower patch planted last year in the grass by the converted church is coming on lovely once more, and is currently a hubbub or crocuses in white, pink, violet and yellow. Soon they will be joined by other blooms, and a few short metres away, dwarf daffodils are coming on to flower, too.

It’s going to be a riot of colour again. I can’t wait – this is just the start.

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February 12th – The miniature daffodils in Kings Hill Park are always early, and after the frost and snow of the previous night had meted away in the afternoon warmth, I popped to take a look.

The park’s spring flowers are really gearing up for a great display now and I was so pleased to see them.

Welcome back, my little yellow flashes of spring. Welcome back.

February 2nd – Kings Hill Park in Darlaston is a real treat at the moment, for the miniature daffodils, crocuses and finally snowdrops are in flower.

Spring has come already and it’s only the 2nd of February.

In all my days, I’ve never know daffodils and crocuses beat snowdrops into bloom. These past couple of years have seen some crazy seasons.

To see these flowers was a real joy to the heart.