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#365daysofbiking Not to be outdone

Wednesday February 24th 2021 – Also in Kings Hill Park, right against the former chapel wall the next day, the usually early miniature daffodils are out in force.

I don’t know why these come so soon but they’re always hot on the heels of the crocuses, and outlive them, carrying the spring colour on through the park.

I love the almost competitive appearance of spring flowers.

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#365daysofbiking Here it comes

January 15th – In Kings Hill Park not ten minutes later, a vital discovery, my first snowdrops of the year.

Not hugely populous yet, just the early ones, the advance party; but strong, bold and yet delicate. There are here in enough numbers not to be a fluke, and instead cheering me with the realisation that there will soon be glades of these gorgeous flowers all over the place, and that yes, it may still be dark, mostly wet and chilly, but spring? Yeah, it could well be a thing.

How fantastic!

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#365daysofbiking Blooming late

October 4th – Taking a well earned breather in Kings Hill Park on my way to work, sat with my coffee, I noticed something dark red in the shrubs near the northern hedge.

It’s a very strange flowering shrub I’ve never seen before, and it’s in full bloom. In October.

The beautiful red blossom hangs in chains, a bit like wisteria or it’s relative, laburnum. But the odd thing is it also has smaller, white flowers that could easily be from another shrub – but clearly aren’t.

Does anyone know what this is, please? It had me fascinated for ages.

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#365daysofbiking Sun worship

February 21st – We are currently enjoying the most remarkable good weather for February, and in Kings Hill Park the spring flowers are coming on well, with the crocuses and snowdrops showing well, miniature daffodils just coming out and even the normal daffodils presenting the first early arrivals.

A sight like this on the way to work is just what you need. This good weather has been so good for me. Just in time.

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#365daysofbiking Dusk:

October 23rd – The return of the dark is a welcome chance to experiment with night photography once more.

These shots of the churches of Wednesbury – the twin sisters – from Kings Hill Park were a hurried experiment with the Cannon G1X which is a camera I’m learning to love.

These are way too grainy, and I obviously need to up my game. But I love the clarity and colour.

More practice required.

August 9th – Kings Hill Park is looking very weather- worn at the moment. At the beginning of the hot spell, the planters were cleared for new flowers, but it was clearly felt that planting out new bedding plants might be a waste in the heatwave, so since early summer we’ve had to be content with the noble greens and golds of a hot, dry season.

This little oasis is still beautiful however, and a welcome refuge from the hectic day at work, providing me with a nearby place where I can take five, rest and enjoy peace and quiet.

It’s a lovely little park, whatever the season or time of year.

April 12th – another wet, grey and frankly unlovely day. Where is the sun? The warmth on my back? The neighbourhood cats I’m normally welcoming back on warm evenings as I cruise jacket less through the suburbia of Walsall?

I watch, I wait, I plough on in the murk and damp.

Meanwhile, the damp, raindrop bejewelled Kings Hill Park continues to entertain with a variety of flows and planty of spring promise.

Soon. It’ll be soon. You’ll see.

March 15th – Spring is in residence at Kings Hill Park, Darlaston.

The sun rises not long after six am, and sets not long after 6pm.

We are approaching the spring equinox.

Whatever the weather doom-mogers are saying, the light is here. There flowers are arriving. Spring is taking to her throne.

Welcome back, your majesty – it’s been a long winter.

February 13th – A horrid, windy, wet day and nipping out in the afternoon on lan errand from work, I passed through Kings Hill Park just as the rain stopped.

Everywhere is sodden, this winter’s weather has been awful. But the flowers here are showing and everything is just waiting for warmth and sun.

Including me. Patience.