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#365daysofbiking – Just for me

February 7th – A test journey to work was tough, but so worth it: A stop for a break and a snack in Kings Hill Park rewarded me with gorgeous spring flowers.

It felt today, in that moment, that they’d made the extra special effort because they knew I was coming, that their admirer and champion was back.

Happily, the sun came too, and warmed my face.

Some things you just wish you could bottle for the darker days.

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#365daysofbiking Welcome snowflakes

April 4th – A break in the rain, and I made a dash for it, mostly avoiding getting too wet, but oh my goodness it was cold.

Not cold enough for snow, though.

Warm enough for spring snowflakes, as I found this clump growing and flowering beautifully at Sandhills. Gorgeous white flowers with delicate green tipped petals, snowflakes look a lot like snowdrops, but are bigger and bushier and flower later.

A real treat on an awful day.

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#365daysofbiking Sun worship

February 21st – We are currently enjoying the most remarkable good weather for February, and in Kings Hill Park the spring flowers are coming on well, with the crocuses and snowdrops showing well, miniature daffodils just coming out and even the normal daffodils presenting the first early arrivals.

A sight like this on the way to work is just what you need. This good weather has been so good for me. Just in time.

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#365daysofbiking Advance party

January 28th – Passing through Kings Hill Park on a mercifully sunny, chilly day, I noted the progress of the snowdrops and crocuses, with the early-appearers looking wonderful in the sunlight.

I’m a bit worried about Kings Hill Park. Not one of Walsall Council’s premier parks, it seems to be losing some funding and last year, although kept beautifully tidy. the flower planters seemed rather neglected, which is a shame as they’ve always been gorgeous.

Kings Hill Park is a gem of a place, sited on largely reclaimed former industrial land, and is a jewel in the urbanity along the Walsall-Sandwell border.

I hope it gets a bit more love this year.

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January 29th – I got to work, then it rained. It had not been a great morning – then I realised I needed to pop down to the retail park at Junction 9. I took a short cut through a glistening, dripping Kings Hill Park.

Jack in the Green has tapped his cane upon the ground, and you can almost hear the shoots and buds straining to get up and into bloom.

Watching over it all, the resplendent, shining converted chapel, looking splendid in it’s temporary shiny jacket.

Despite the rain, I was filled with joy and optimism for a new season just starting.

January 28th – Remarkably, there is a trace of spring in the air. I noted the odd nascent crocus in the week, so decided to check out CHasetown cemetery and St. Annes now I was feeling better.

On a grey, overcast but very warm afternoon, I found a single snowdrop, hundreds of crocuses, aconites and primroses, and as an added bonus, deer on the verge of the Chasetown bypass, which although lovely to see, was quite worrying with their proximity to fast traffic.

Be careful out there folks.

There was quite a decent sunset too, and a punishing wind. It’s quite clear that bad weather is coming in, but I don’t think anything can stop the spring now. The flowers are here – it’s starting.

Welcome, my green and beautiful friend.

February 19th – It was a warm day with an insistent wind and occasional sunny periods – but a fine day for a ride. I covered 63 miles, the first big ride of the year, and the towpaths were much easier going than I thought, apart from a couple of rough patches at Stourton and west of Wolverhampton.

The canals showed themselves beautifully, and the sound of church bells and sight of daffodils, snowdrops and other spring flowers gladdened the heart.

Of course, the architecture stole the show – the viaducts, aqueducts, bridges, locks and associated houses are gorgeous. 

The Black Country is wonderful and I’ll always love it.

February 14th – 

Valentines Day, and I guess I’m in love.

In love still, after all these years.

As the winter and darkness recede, in comes the spring.

You will always be the light after my darkness.

February 4th – At Middleton, spring said hello once more. Softly, this time, in small clumps of snowdrops, in the comical antics of the small birds at the feeding station, and in the huge flock of pink-footed geese in the water meadow that must have numbered a very vocal 500, and was impossible to photograph.

I’m rapidly discovering that when I’m down, Middleton has all the ingredients I need to lighten my fug – good tea, cake, interesting wildlife, flowers and birds and places to explore.

A lovely trip, but oh, so cold when darkness fell…