#365daysofbiking So, where were you?

May 16th – Such lovely days this week – sunny, but not overly hot, with a fresh breeze. The burst of early summer has jolted trees, wildflowers, wildlife and the community into life.

The roads are full of fair-weather cyclists, the countryside full of walkers. People taking the air, enjoying the beauty of the season. Here in Green Lane this evening I noted unfamiliar folk out and about – and what a fine spot, alive with greenery and birdsong.

Of course, it’s mostly beautiful all year around, even when in the darkest winter days. But it takes a lot of time and experience to appreciate that.

So for now, I greet those newly rediscovering the outdoors with a cheery ‘Hello!’ or wave, and resist the urge to ask where they were six months ago…

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from Tumblr http://bit.ly/2JJpBM5

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