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#365daysofbiking Losing the light

May 7th – The sunset was still decent over Clayhanger Common as I returned to Brownhills. The sky has a real clarity at sunset at the moment; I guess it’s the dry atmosphere and low traffic levels leading to less pollution.

I was so taken by the sky that I stood and watched it as we lost the light for another day.

The outdoors, and that feeling of connection with it is really important to me at the moment.

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#365daysofbiking Spring flower power:

April 9th – And on my return, the spring flowers spotted in gardens and on verges around Brownhills were stunning.

There is colour everywhere at the moment, from the fragile beauty of tulips to the tiny majesty of the smaller blooms.

Work is still mentally very punishing and it’s not getting any easier – and when working from home I miss the commuting rides terribly – I need light, air, space and engagement with my beloved natural world.

But seeing these beauties makes it all seem worthwhile.

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#365daysofbiking So, where were you?

May 16th – Such lovely days this week – sunny, but not overly hot, with a fresh breeze. The burst of early summer has jolted trees, wildflowers, wildlife and the community into life.

The roads are full of fair-weather cyclists, the countryside full of walkers. People taking the air, enjoying the beauty of the season. Here in Green Lane this evening I noted unfamiliar folk out and about – and what a fine spot, alive with greenery and birdsong.

Of course, it’s mostly beautiful all year around, even when in the darkest winter days. But it takes a lot of time and experience to appreciate that.

So for now, I greet those newly rediscovering the outdoors with a cheery ‘Hello!’ or wave, and resist the urge to ask where they were six months ago…

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January 13th – A better day, at least: the sun was out as I cycled through Victoria Park in Darlaston and under the Mystic Bridge. It was still very wet, though and I was running late against a headwind. But the light was nice, and I felt better.

One of the things about cycling nearly everywhere you go is the massive connection you have with the outdoors and the weather. Periods of continued poor conditions can get to feel like a personal attack, and that’s how I’ve been feeling just lately.

There has to be a break in this soon, for a few days at least.

May 1st – I had to pop out in the morning, but worked from home for most of the day – which was just as well, as the weather was wet and miserable. Going out to meet a couple of pals later in the evening, I found myself chaining my bike up in a pub beer garden. Once the preserve of summer afternoons and rare, balmy evenings, pub terraces, beer gardens and play area have changed subtly in recent years, becoming a haven for smokers. 

None here tonight, though, so the heaters on the parasol stayed untriggered. An odd, wet, otherworldly atmosphere pervaded the evening.