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#365daysofbiking More to it than that

February 18th – Returning from a work trip to Stafford, I got off the train mid day at Coseley, to ride back to work. On the station platform there, there was a poster advertising cheap returns to … Coventry.

These three pictograms are apparently what the City of Coventry has to offer.

Well, the cathedral’s in a bit of a state, can’t find the penny farthing hire and as for nude women riding horses…

Can a city sue? Asking for a friend.

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#365daysofbiking I’m not sold, personally:

September 5th – Car adverts are getting bizarre, like this one spotted in Walsall.

I don’t envisage a ready supply of fuel for thirsty SUV’s being a feature of any post-apocalypse world.

What a load of cobblers.