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#365daysofbiking Circling the drain

October 7th -This is one for the collection of things that randomly irritate me. It’s not a huge thing, but it’s been bothering me a while now – several years in fact.

A the place I visit in Telford, facilities have been told to paint arrows indicating direction of flow on manhole covers. Which is a great idea. In theory.

Until you do it on a round cover. Which isn’t keyed. And can be put back in any orientation.

Some of the triangular arrows are also equilateral, and central.

It irritates me every time I notice it, and they’ve just repainted all the arrows…

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#365daysofbiking More to it than that

February 18th – Returning from a work trip to Stafford, I got off the train mid day at Coseley, to ride back to work. On the station platform there, there was a poster advertising cheap returns to … Coventry.

These three pictograms are apparently what the City of Coventry has to offer.

Well, the cathedral’s in a bit of a state, can’t find the penny farthing hire and as for nude women riding horses…

Can a city sue? Asking for a friend.

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#365daysofbiking I’m not sold, personally:

September 5th – Car adverts are getting bizarre, like this one spotted in Walsall.

I don’t envisage a ready supply of fuel for thirsty SUV’s being a feature of any post-apocalypse world.

What a load of cobblers.

August 3rd – Spinning up the canal towards Chasewater, I noticed these signs have very recently been put up around the Wharf Lane Bridge area next to the canal, south of Anglesey Wharf, and also around the sandy area adjacent where local kids have made their own BMX track, which they confusingly call ‘The Sandhills’ – which isn’t to be confused with the area of the same name near Shire Oak.

The land was seemingly orphaned by the M6 Toll being built, and local youths have claimed it for their own. 

I really am puzzled as to why all of a sudden Lichfield Council is asserting ownership.

May 26th – Go home Derbyshire, you’re drunk.

January 12th – I found myself un Burton Upon Trent for a meeting – I’d been in Lichfield for breakfast, Burton Lunch, Derby mid afternoon and Leicester by 5pm. It was a busy, hectic day, but the railways served me well.

I haven’t had a look around the centre of Burton in an absolute age. It’s a very odd place. Some great shops, lovely people, but it seems half asleep, almost somnambulant. They have a sculpture of a Marmite bottle, as the dark goo is made there. I saw lots of odd things.

I like this place. But on this Friday, when I was starting to feel a bit odd with a cold, it felt a bit… strange.