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#365daysofbiking On a springtime tip

April 16th – I had to nip to Tipton at lunchtime. Just as the rain came, which was a bit of a bugger if I’m honest.

Still, I donned waterproofs; the day seemed to be warming up and the wind had died away, so the steady drizzle wasn’t a bind.

Then, as I arrived in the town centre, this astonishing bed of spring flowers; a riot of colour on a grey, miserable afternoon.

I don’t know who planted them or who looks after them, but my goodness they are spectacular.

Take a bow, whoever you are – and thank you.

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April 4th – I had to pop to Telford in the late morning, and was impressed, as I usually am, by the ever-changing flowerbed on the westbound platform, currently full of what I think may be alyssum, purple easter primroses and the most beautiful red tulips, just breaking bloom.

Telford gets a lot of stick (much of it from me over the years), but some bits of it – like this – are thoroughly gorgeous and a constant delight.

July 25th – I headed to the supermarket in Aldridge late, and a golden hour had set in early. Riding along the canal at the back of the old Duckhams factory, I noticed several patched of these beautiful crimson flowers in the reed-beds.

I’ve not seen them before, and can’t find them in my (admittedly poor) wildflower guide. I’m assuming they’re a garden pond escapee. 

Any ideas, please?

July 1st – At the other end of my morning commute, Telford. The flowerbed here that held crocuses and tulips early in the year now holds these delightful blooms – the only ones I recognise are the blue lobelia. 

So many people passed this flowerbed getting off the train, and never gave it a glance. I felt sorry for the flowers, who were clearly trying very hard to get our attention.

So I shared them here.

December 31st – I am ashamed. I broke my 365daysofbiking pledge. I failed.

I had grown increasingly ill during the previous night. Nausea, head and joint pain, diarrhoea. I snatched an hour here or there, punctuated by trips to the loo and the most awful nightmares. In the morning, I was still shivering and achy. It was either flu, or food poisoning. I was too weak to move much at all for large parts of the day. I didn’t turn the computer on, or watch TV. I just lay, alternately sweating and freezing. I followed my orders. Plenty of fluids. Rehydration. Rest. My condition settled. I tried, I really tried. But I couldn’t leave the house. I was stuck.