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#365daysofbiking On a springtime tip

April 16th – I had to nip to Tipton at lunchtime. Just as the rain came, which was a bit of a bugger if I’m honest.

Still, I donned waterproofs; the day seemed to be warming up and the wind had died away, so the steady drizzle wasn’t a bind.

Then, as I arrived in the town centre, this astonishing bed of spring flowers; a riot of colour on a grey, miserable afternoon.

I don’t know who planted them or who looks after them, but my goodness they are spectacular.

Take a bow, whoever you are – and thank you.

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#365daysofbiking Red is the colour

April 8th – Although the weather is improving with a change in wind direction (although still quite breezy) and sunny days, it seems the temperature is still staying stubbornly low. Perhaps it’s the early spring, but it feels like it should be way warmer at the moment to me.

Meanwhile, in Kings Hill Park, the deep red tulips are out and looking superb, with the rest of the park greening up beautifully. At least the chill should preserve the flowers for longer!

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May 1st – The ever-changing colours and beauty of Kings Hill Park, Blessed today with just a little sunshine.

That wildflower patch is absolutely gorgeous.

April 26th – Another cold day, but not quite as bad as the day before; but it still feels like it’ll never be warm ever again. This is a most peculiar season.

Zipping about the Black Country on errands, wrapped up in woolly hat and scarf despite the bright sunshine it felt most odd. But there are spring flowers in abundance and every other element of spring is here. Just not warmth.

In Wednesbury, the tulips don’t seem to mind. Perhaps I’m going soft in my old age.

April 11th – In kings Hill Park in Darlaston, the flowers continue to be a delight whenever I pass through; today the deep pink tulips were in bloom, sprouting in profusion from the planters – and in the strip of wildflowers I found a week or so ago, the flowering continues in earnest.

Such a beautiful display in a very well-loved and cared-for urban park.

April 4th – I had to pop to Telford in the late morning, and was impressed, as I usually am, by the ever-changing flowerbed on the westbound platform, currently full of what I think may be alyssum, purple easter primroses and the most beautiful red tulips, just breaking bloom.

Telford gets a lot of stick (much of it from me over the years), but some bits of it – like this – are thoroughly gorgeous and a constant delight.

May 4th – Summer seems finally to be on it’s way in. A warm, sunny day during which I had to visit telford, where the tulips in the station flowerbed are divine. On the way back from Lichfield, the daffodils were still strong in the hedgerows, and the oilseed rape was burning yellow in the fields.

Sunshine, it’s so good to have you back… please stay awhile.

April 21st – A tradition, now, like the waste ground at South Winston Station, is the flowerbed at Telford. Pretty much all year round this planter is a joy. At the moment, gorgeous tulips, lobelia and primroses.

Just the thing to perk you up waiting for yet another delayed train…

April 16th – It’s all about flowers at the moment. I was in Telford for the first time for a couple of weeks, and spring has come on incredibly fast in the intervening period. As ever, the bed of tulips and other flowers at Telford railway station is incredible – but the daffodils – now going over a bit – were gorgeous at Hortonwood. It was sunny, and warm, and the wind seems to be dying a bit at long last. As I ground my way up Shire Oak Hill late afternoon, I noticed the first Spanish bluebells in the hedgerow by Lanes Farm. 

This was worth the wait.

May 2nd – Spring is on her throne at last. In bud, in bloom, in leaf. Everywhere – from the glorious crimson tulips at Telford Central Station to the cottage gardens and shady tracks of Stonnall. Could be a tad warmer, but the sun and relatively still air is welcomed by all except my hay fever. But that’s a price well worth paying.

Spring, welcome, come in. Stay awhile, and bring your friend Summer with you, please. Didn’t see much of either of you last year…