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April 20th – An odd day, really. I had a family thing to do most of the day over in Lichfield, but the weather was terrible anyway, blustery and wet. Spinning around Brownhills and Burntwood in the evening, I passed Chase Terrace Technology College.

They have a couple of signs like this. I find them offensive, not only in terms of accepted English, but graphically and syntactically.

Whoever approved them should be dragged out on the street, and slapped with a copy of a The Typography Manual until they publicly repent.

For an educational establishment, this is piss-poor. 

December 22nd – Near the top gate of Hopwas Churchyard, this pissy, dictatorial, arrogant notice. People pay to have their loved ones interred here. They pay for the service. Why shouldn’t they have more than one vase, or a card? Why must poppies and wreaths be removed within a month?

Heaven forbid someone might be sentimental in their loss.

The jobsworth cheeseparers who made these rules and posted them up will probably be sat somewhere now, wondering why churchgoing is in decline.

November 20th – Just the one picture today, as the commutes were horrid and wet, ad the images I took in the morning were spoiled by rain on the lens. I grabbed this as I left the station at Walsall in the early evening. The rain had stopped, but everything was wet and cold. The traffic seemed tetchy and aggressive tonight, too, but nothing really matches the glisten of a wet urban night scene. There wasn’t much business for the taxis tonight, but it’s nice to see Station Street undergoing a bit of a revival.

Even on a cold wet Wednesday in Walsall, there’s beauty to be had.