October 29 – Three dear were still resting in the warm afternoon sun on the practice pitch at the Rugby Club near Chasewater. To adult females and a fawn, they were tolerant and relaxed as they chewed, yawned and napped, pretty much oblivious to my presence.

We’re so lucky to have these magnificent animals in out environment.

November 8th – My sombre mood was lifted on the way home by 13 red deer spotted loafing near Chasewater. The young stag seemed to have been fitted with antlers tuned for both DAB and FM, but he was a proud fellow. Sadly, the awful light prevented better photos but this healthy, relaxed herd was beautiful to see.

Just what I needed.

October 18th – Certainly seeing that family with five cygnets about a lot. They were tooling around the canal, grazing and generally patrolling. I saw them several times during the day, but by mid afternoon, they were loafing and preening in one of the canalside back gardens near Humphries House.

I don’t know why, but these gorgeous, grumpy and truculent birds have me captivated.