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#365daysofbiking All misty wet with rain:

September 4th – A very wet commuteto work along the Goscote Cylceway on NCN 5 was actually far better than I would have expected, as the rain on on the hedgerows and berries lit them up and made them precious.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hawthorn harvest this heavy – from a distance the hedgerows and trees appear red.

Not a bad ride, despite the weather.

June 1st – A grey day, largely but very humid. Storms were expected that never arrived, and the air of humid frustration was pervasive throughout the day.

Another blossom is out now, to add to the list – elderflower. So this weekend I shall be out with the sack, collecting some for a relative to make wine and cordial. Not too many though, as we need to remember the black-crimson fruit that will be used to make excellent wine in autumn.

A nice find on an unremarkable, draining day.

May 12th – And talking of spring and summer colour, nestling in green nowhere, as Vivian Stanshall put it. Just tens of feet form factory yards, a cycle train on a short bit of old railway in Brownhills between Engine Lane and the old Cement Works, or Slough Bridge.

One of those moments where you stop, look and catch your breath it’s so gorgeous.

Even though I felt like shit, I was happy and honoured to see this.

April 16th – What a difference a bit of sun and warmth has made.

Cycling to work on a sunny, pleasant Monday morning, the trees and shrubs of the Goscote Valley Cycleway were all of a sudden bursting into life.

An it’s very welcome. So green, So fresh.

June 13th – Coming to be a common sight about now, a lovely purple flower dots the verges, hedgerows and neglected spaces. I’m fairly sure this is knapweed, and looks very thistle-like, but has no prickles. 

I wonder what the evolutionary genesis of this is – something so similar to another plant, but without the protective defences? Whatever, it’s a really beautiful thing.

December 28th – Where the cycle route NCN 5 leaves the canal at Yew Tree, just north of Rushall Junction, the path is dark and unlit – so a solution has been found.

There are little white LED solar cats eyes marking the centre of the trail in the darkness. They’re really effective.

What a clever idea…

December 21st – I took the cycleway from Walsall to Pelsall, and crossing the Vicarage Road bridge, I tried a bit of long exposure photography. Sadly, I wasn’t patient and this 15 second exposure wasn’t long enough.

Ah well, better luck next time…

October 4th – A considerably different day, the sun was again shining and warm on my back. I had other stuff to do, so I spun up to Chasewater and back along route 5 over Engine Lane.

The canals and byways really have the autumn jacket on now, although there are still pockets of flowers around – and I’d be interested to know what the pink ones are.

August 20th – had o nip on an errand, and left during daylight, and returned at dusk. On both outward and return, I crossed the old cement works bridge.

I took a photo towards Pelsall on my way out, and a photo towards Brownhills on my way back.

I don’t know why, but I’m fascinated by the change in light and atmosphere.

August 4th – If you;re around Walsall and have half an hour to kill, I can recommend a walk or ride down the cycle route that follows the Ford Brook in Goscote Valley from The Butts to Pelsall.

At the moment the meadows and heaths around it are alive with colour – rose bay willow herb, ragwort, daisies and other meadow flowers form a carpet, and the metallic tang and bright pink-white show of the invasive himalayan balsam is remarkable.

This isn’t commonly thought to be a picturesque part of Walsall – but there is so much to see, including a buzzard being mobbed by crows as I cycled my way home.