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#365daysofbiking Pieces of the night

April 18th – I took a ride down the McLean Way – the cycleway that runs down the old South Staffordshire railway line through Brownhills, being converted by Brian Stringer and pals from Back the track.

From what was a rubbish filled cutting, I must say the volunteers have done very well. It’s a credit to them and their hard graft.

What I’m liking also is the work of the graffiti writers who ply their trade at night under the A5 bridge. There is some seriously impressive artwork down there.

It’s great to see such affection for the NHS too.

Clearly a very talented artist.

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#365daysofbiking Common ground:

November 18th – I visited the really very good craft fair at the community centre and then went for a trundle over the commons and around the cycle trails of Brownhills – including the new part of the former railway between the Swan Pub and Miner Island. It was a lovely, golden, sunny afternoon and although chilly, not excessively so. 

The fungus on the common was still showing well, but the star of the walk was the old railway, which the volunteers of Back the Track have been making a wonderful job of. The tunnel effect of the trees that line the old railway cutting is really rather remarkable, especially in the hazy sunlight.

It’s good to be reminded of just how beautiful even central Brownhills can be.

April 16th – What a difference a bit of sun and warmth has made.

Cycling to work on a sunny, pleasant Monday morning, the trees and shrubs of the Goscote Valley Cycleway were all of a sudden bursting into life.

An it’s very welcome. So green, So fresh.