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#365daysofbiking Nice ‘tache!

September 18th – Scarborough Road in Walsall is still a veritable catropolis, and I see plenty of fine pusses there. Sadly I can’t often photograph them without invading the privacy of the householders in whose gardens or upon whose window cills these fine felines hang out.

This proud puss – with more than a little of the Adolf-cat about him, have to say – was sat in a gateway watching me ride past.

He obliged me by posing for a picture. Clearly a lovely cat – someone loves this one very much.

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#365daysofbiking Canal dreams

April 10th – Returning home late as the sun set I turned into Scarborough Road, Pleck, and caught the sun over the Walsall Canal to the west.

You wouldn’t;t think you were in the heart of a densely populated, down at heel urban area.

Our canals are like green veins in our towns and cities. They are wonderful, and part of me.

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#365daysofbiking Proud defender



February 19th – The feisty little robin that a spotted a couple of weeks ago in the treetops near the embankment by Scarborough Road canal bridge in Pleck, Walsall is still singing his heart out and battling for his territory.

I love how determined he is. Nothing stops him singing for long. He’s on a mission.

I hope he finds a mate soon, because he’s certainly earned one!

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September 26th – Despite the colder, more inclement weather, the catroplis of Scarborough Road in Walsall continues to introduce new characters. This absolutely tiny, beautifully shaggy mature tabby was doing it’s best to ignore the nutty cycling guy but couldn’t resit a sniff from the safety underneath a nearby car.

And what a gorgeous set of whiskers!

August 29th – A day of animals with no time to talk. I saw the tabby with the remarkably bush tail strolling purposefully down where else but the Catroplis that is Scarborough Road. 

I suspect puss is female, and was having no truck with my sort. Despite calling, making gentle gestures and the like, she said me zero heed and continued her walk down the road.

The squirrel in Victoria Park was similarly busy, gathering and burying acorns, storing food for winter, or ay be just starting off new saplings, who knows?

Neither animal stopped long enough for a good photo, so sadly, you’ll have to make do with these snatches quick ones, because… they were so busy.

July 18th – Today, the older cats of Scarborough Road and north Walsall were not apparently pleased to see me. I haven’t seen either of these characters before – but the lounging black and white clearly had no time for me and my nosiness, while the black-brown bigtop bruiser was watching me carefully.

It’s reassuring to see neighbourhood watch duties taken so seriously – at least, while the weather is so agreeable.

July 12th – Spotted at the bottom end of Scarborough Road in Pleck, the local sandwich shop has been taken over.

I like places named with humour and a tongue firmly in cheek. Not like the clever-clever names for hairdressers and narrowboats that rely on crap puns, but genuine warm humour.

One of my favourites was a emergency retail glazier that used to exist (and may still do) called Total Board ‘em, and a cafe in Sandwell called Sam ‘n’ Ellas.

I wish Fay and her baps well, and like the idea of good food in a good mood.

Mmmm. Bacon.

June 22nd – More cats, sorry, but I just loved these pair, again in the cat metropolis of Scarborough Road, Pleck. There had been light drizzle, and the air was cooling but this pair of lazybones were in the same garden, asleep and totally oblivious.

I particularly like how the black one has fallen asleep while having a wash. 

Oh, for the life of a cat…

June 15th As I cycled home up the Scarborough Road in Pleck, I noticed some banners on the railings of the Abu Bakr Islamic School on the old Edward Shelley School site.

Pupils and staff had taken time to make signs thanking firefighters involved in the terrible Grenfell House disaster in London.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this school observe support for victims of tragedy: they had banners in support of the victims of the terrible French terror attacks of 2016.

It’s so nice to see this. It made me stop, and think and that’s no bad thing. My compliments to those who undertook this small but significant act of solidarity with those who do their best to protect and save us all from peril, and great risk to their own safety.