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#365daysofbiking Misty morning sunlight

October 28th – The descent into winter seems quite fast now: Heading off to get the train to Brum and onward to Telford on an early morning with frost on the ground and ice on the roads – and I’ve not got the winter tyres on yet, as the bike reminded me in an unguarded moment.

Stability restored, the sunlight streamed through the trees of Mill Green and despite the chill, rendered the day precious.

As welcomes to winter go, that wasn’t so bad.

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#365daysofbiking Rime and reason

January 22nd – This winter has been so mild that I’ve not got used the cold yet, and neither have I yet regained my confidence in my winter tyres.

A morning journey to Telford was chilly and felt precarious, with lots of black ice. I stayed upright, though, and honed my skills for another season – but I must say, I felt sorry for the blackbird on the cycleway at Telford looking for scraps of food. He clearly didn’t want to move!

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May 5th – In a world of fakery and things not as they appear to be, this really shouldn’t surprise me, but I was stunned.

On a building site near Rosliston, South Derbyshire fake chimneys, ready to go on the roofs of very expensive new build houses, complete with pre assembled pots and flashing.

I feel betrayed.

April 25th – Well, that was a shock. A light dusting of snow early in the morning was soon burned off by the sun, but my goodness, it felt cold on the m morning commute. Snow and frost this late in the year is not that unusual really – but after recent mild winters it was a shock.

By the time I reached work the only remaining snow was on vehicles.

Thankfully, the roads weren’t icy, but the unexpected snow clearly made many drivers nervous.

I knew my complaints about the recent cold were not just moaning and I was on to something….