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#365daysofbiking Looking for peace

Saturday January 9th 2021 – I’d been busy getting financial and administration things in order and dealing with a tricky bike problem all day and slid out late on a fast, quiet circuit of town and ended up at Chasewater.

There was no moon visible and the photography was poor, if I’m honest.

But I did find the peace, fresh air and solace I needed in the quiet solitude of one of my favourite places.

Even in the dark, Chasewater captivates me.

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#365daysofbiking Adopted

May 6th – In Norton – a lovely village if I’m honest – a treat: The local Brownies and Guides have adopted a public open space and bus stop in the old village and have created a wildflower patch, a bug hotel of proportions a certain pUs President would welcome, nicely planted beds and lovely sweet decorations on the shelter.

A joy to behold, and a great way of showing – and fostering – community spirit.

Thank you to all involved.

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November 14th – Nearer home, at Fighting Cocks, the moon made an appearance.

It was a beautiful as ever, but didn’t seem that much bigger than usual to me, but it was very bright.

An odd thing, really: Every moon these days is special in some way. I think I preferred it when we just had normal ones!

April 7th – And daffodils again, this time on a chilly ride home; these are on the site of the former railway bridge in Shelfield that’s now a public open space, and are an absolute riot. Again mixed, it’s a fantastic show this year, and a credit to those at the council who planted and tend them.


November 5th – Off to Telford, and another wet, warm commute. That wonderful autumn has come to a very soggy, miserable end. I stood on New Street watching the people, signals and trains as the drizzle softened the light. I must have spent hundreds of hours waiting here over the years. This station is in my blood like the traffic fumes and air of the city, and although I hate the state of it, and what’s been done to it, I still love the place.

I find as I get older my relationship with urban spaces is getting more and more complicated. These are still my places, but I feel much more ambivalent about them now. I’m not sure I like it.

June 6th – I see around the ICC and NIA we now have these stencils on the towpaths. A great idea. I’m all for sharing.

Shame the geese can’t read, though. It takes two…

April 15th – Shelfied, just on the marooned triangle of land where there was once a railway bridge, a beautiful display of daffodils, better than ever I remember them.

Every year these gorgeous flowers drag me into spring. They are a joy to the heart. My best wishes and thanks to those at Walsall Council who planted and look after them.