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#365daysofbiking A better taste

August 31st – I have no idea who this character is, but I’ve seen him a lot over the years. A large but nimble cat who always seems vaguely irritated to be observed, he seems to like the canalside scrub between the gardens of Lindon Drive and Silver Street, where only the anglers seem to get.

On a warm, sunny morning he was oh so thirsty, and no water tastes as good as fresh canal water…

A lovely lad clearly very irritated to be photographed!

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#365daysofbiking Oh so thirsty

February 22nd – Returning from work a little earlier than usual and in daylight, I spotted this splendid calico cat taking a drink from the canal near Humphries House.

One of the best things about spring is the re-emergence of the feline population, usually all cosy indoors in the cold.

I hope I meet this one again – it seems quite a character!

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April 7th – I spotted this thirsty puss on my way back to Brownhills, on the canal bank behind the building site not far from where I saw ginger last week – but closer to Silver Street than Catsill Junction this time. 

Anyone who owns a dog or cat will know that no matter what water you give them, rain and pond water will always be best, and this cat took it’s fill before studiously ignoring me and heading back to the bushes.

I love to see cats drinking like this.

August 18th – He was only a kitten, really; a sharp eyed, keen whiskered black and white mog exploring his world. This is where I saw the smokey grey pedigree chap a few weeks ago, just on the far side of the canal at Barrow Close in Walsall Wood. 

Puss didn’t seem bothered about me, and was initially hunting something in the water. Foiled, he took a drink instead.

A lovely lad with a smudge-black nose and a remarkably long tail. Oh, to be an inquisitive young cat in summertime…