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#365daysofbiking A better taste

August 31st – I have no idea who this character is, but I’ve seen him a lot over the years. A large but nimble cat who always seems vaguely irritated to be observed, he seems to like the canalside scrub between the gardens of Lindon Drive and Silver Street, where only the anglers seem to get.

On a warm, sunny morning he was oh so thirsty, and no water tastes as good as fresh canal water…

A lovely lad clearly very irritated to be photographed!

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25th September – It’s damned hard to find decent photos in the rain. Leaving Walsall, I noted that the surface water problem at the Arboretum junction is ongoing. For some reason, whatever they surfaced the new road with, it doesn’t drain well. There seems to be a permeant layer of water of the surface, and that can’t be safe. It’s notably confined to new sections of the road, and I’ve never quite seen this before. Most odd.

Approaching Brownhills, I passed the decaying husk of the Wheel Inn, the lost pub on the Lindon Road, Brownhills. I had hoped something would be done with the building after the fairground people bought the yard behind, but little has changed. Walsall Council have recently been making noises about forcing owners to sort out derelict eyesores: if, as I suspect, the building is owned by Pat Collins Fairs, then that particular enforcement notice would be interesting, to say the least…